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Sam 3 Avr 12:51:52 CEST 2004

ok, this one is much more flippant, and maybe it doesn't translate so
well, but i relly like it as its sort of interactive and i really like the
point that it makes at the end. Its about how our stereo-typicalisation of
different kinds of feminism is a patriarchal construct in itself.
 that is probably enough for me to be clogging up your inboxes today, but
i have more if people are still interested.

Feminist For All Seasons
Inspired by www.spacefemsplanet.com website and mainstream womyn’s
magazines everywhere…

Are you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Feminist?
Ever wondered if your eye shadow matches your reaction to sexual
harassment? Or if your skirt matches your rage? Ever felt like you should
stop smiling and start fighting? Find out if you are doing it all in the
right season.

Take the Feminist For All Seasons quiz below and find out!

Your best friend just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and
lying to her about it. You tell her:
 That she should forgive him and tolerate it. Men will be men. Then
secretly phone up her boyfriend to meet up later for a drink. (Spring -
 Break up with him! It just proves it’s time to end it. It’s good to be
single and work on yourself. (Summer - 2)
 Maybe she should be dating women. (Autumn - 3)
 Round up a group of fire-eating women and set his house aflame. (Winter - 4)

What do you consider your best quality?
 You are very agreeable and don’t ever use a confrontational tone.
 You are intelligent, fair and honest.
 Your hairy armpits.
 Your ability to fix just about any car engine in the world.

You find out that the man you work with gets paid twice as much as you.
What do you do?
 Nothing. You don’t have the guts to confront your boss so you start to
believe you are crap at your job and everything else. More depression.
  Organise a Union at your work and threaten to strike.
  This couldn’t happen because you work in a women’s collective.
  Job? What job? You work for yourself.

What do you wear the most?
 Mini-skirts and high-heels.
 Tasteful, appropriate clothes.
 Preferably nothing, but fluffy dress-up clothes with boas and glitter are
 Anything with dead babies on it.

The best way, in your opinion, to prevent rape is to:
 Be careful what you wear after 1700h.
 Enforce tougher prison sentences and improve education.
 Graffiti, posters, and secret underground hexing societies
 Mass public castration.

You witness a couple fighting in public, then the man hits the womyn. You:
 Figure she deserved it and do nothing.
 Slip her the number of a domestic abuse shelter where you volunteer.
 Ask the women if she needs help, then get a piece of his hair to use in a
potion later.
 Kidnap the man and tie him in your basement where he will endure slow

When you socialise with friends you:
 Try to get laid, if possible with the cutest boy.
 Dance, enjoy yourself and drink, but never too much.
 Observe everyone suspiciously and drink pink cocktails.
 Preach about how the only hope for the future is the eradication of the
male species.

How many men do you know that you would consider yourself friends with?
 None. Either you don't know them or you've slept with them.
  A couple. But you made sure they were all gay first - you can't trust
the others.
  It’s hard to know the gender identity of most of your friends, it is
 None. Men and women can’t be friends.

When you see women in pornography on the internet,
 It's a picture of you or one of your friends.
 You grumble and ignore it.
 You add it to your favourites.
 You hack into the system and send them death threats with a worm.

If you were a man, you would:
 Still want to wear mini-skirts and heals.
 Be happy to stop shaving your legs.
 Play with your penis for hours!

OK, add up your numbers and see below:

There are no scores. Is there a need for it?

The above examples are playing on stereotypes put forth by our patriarchal
world of what ‘people’ think feminists are and what women want. Hopefully
when you read this you related to different ‘categories’. Of course,
feminism is NOT monolithic and there is no one single field of thought. We
are all constantly learning and changing. Sometimes we want to wear a
mini-skirt and other times we want revenge. Anger is powerful and positive
if channelled well and there is nothing wrong with wearing pink! So next
time you go out and feel like you want to get some action don’t be ashamed
of wearing a mini-skirt, helping someone fix their bike, organising a
ritual or being yourself. And next time you are harassed on the street,
don’t be afraid of harnessing your righteous anger and screaming at the
top of your lungs! There is power in words… dyke, goddess, queer, ditsy,
cunt, fem, bitch, princess, butch, pervert, tease, sex-crazed, obsessive,
pushy, airhead, moody, controlling, unrealistic, slut, psycho, punk,
deranged, lunatic, mothering, bossy, stressed out, rigid, hormonal, whore,
easy, menstrual… Sisters, it’s time to take these stereotypes back!!! We
won’t be put in a box…
o	All of the above!!!

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