[Breakingthesilence] about kevin's proposals an dabout the questionnaire

ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Sam 3 Avr 20:17:30 CEST 2004

ola !

1) about kev's messages, as I said there was a need and demand from people
involved with the belgrade preparation process that those who are involved
with anti-patriarchal projects send textes on the pga process list so that
other people can get a better picture and understanding of what we mean by
gender issue, antipatriarchy and also about what single-spaces can bring to
those struggles and struggles of oppressed people in general..

One of the few positive things resulting from the october meeting blockage
was that it was said a debate was needed on the pga-process-list (which
unfortunately didn't happen but really should before the april meeting)

So I think that, as it might be one of the good way to make thoughts and
problems evolve we have to propose contents, theories and thoughts.

So I think we can discuss texts ( the one kevin proposed and hopefully
others) on this breakingthesilence list but that we should also really send
quicly texts on the process list before the april meeting (knowing it's the
last preparatory meeting as far as I know and that if gender issues are
still not taken more into account than that and single spaces still blocked,
I can assume that people including me will just quit the conference process)
and not be too afraid of filling people's email box (there's not so much
going on this list and on the process list and once again people asked for

It also think it would be really good if these texts come and are sent by
various people, just to show that it's not only three people who think it's
important issues.

2) about the questionnaire inga called me yesterday has she didn't have time
to send an e-mail and asked for a reformulation of the question 9.
So i'm goig to try if I understood well what she meant before we send it to
the process list.
That might a really bad english with not reall accurate words so correct me...

a) what do you think/feel about people/groups/classes taking times
and spaces to meet specifically between themselves as a tool to fight against
domination/oppression from others. (as women only
discussions/working/support groups/spaces but the same question could go for
immigrants / people of color in a white racist society / working class
people in a capitalist society/ disabled people /
gays and lesbians...) ?

b) what do you think about men taking specific times and spaces to meet
themselves as a tool for them to think and act about the way they can
dominate women and try work about (against) oppressive masculine behaviours
and their own gender constructions.

Ok, I think inga meant changing this question or making it more precise in
this kind of way.

bisous / nicolu

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