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Dim 4 Avr 10:41:27 CEST 2004

Hi heres an introduction for the list about genderlab.

We are interested in the politics of gender as to how
it affects the structure of society and ourselves as
Sexism and homophobia are still a problems and occur
frequently in social interactions causing upset and
communication problems. They come from a continuing 
social hierarchy which prevents everyone from living
freely, ensures the staus quo remains, ensures the
destruction of the planet, and stops our "movement"
from moving anywhere worth struggling to get to. 

We come from a constructivit philosophy of gender and
believe that it is the norms, social and cultural
organisation based on sexual differnece in society. We
believe this organisation does not originate in
natural behaviour differences between the sexes but is
socially constructed.

In our own lives we are seeking to create change and
solve problems by learning to understand gendered
social behaviour and challenge it's negativity through
learning how to behave in caring non-hierarchical ways
with all people and break our programming.
We wish to support others to do the same.

We do not suppose to know all there is to know about
gendered behaviour and are therefore researching the
phenomenon through the questionare (lets get it out
soon folks)and through playshops, in which we provide
a space for us to share our knowledge with others and
explore social interactions in a safe enviroment.
Whoever is there is a part of genderlab and is valued
for their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

We shall be running our first playshop in london for
rythms of resistance next week.
We would like to come to belgrade and do an open
playshop for the conference, we would also like to
offer to come to Azin prior to it and do a playshop
for them. 

kisses fin

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