[Breakingthesilence] playshop, non-mixed spaces, articles, gender publication

Bosa Janjusevic bosa.j at yubc.net
Ven 9 Avr 17:39:31 CEST 2004

      Hi, once again. 

      Fin, are you going to discuss about playshop with Lydia? 'Cause I can tell you right now that women will be interested in that. 

      I'm looking forward to see an introduction to the usefulness of men only spaces, Nico!! 

      Regarding blocking the proposal for "women only space" - I'm willing to try to have it at any cost. What do you think about organizing non-mixed spaces even if block persists?  I agree that people with different needs will find the way to create spaces for themselves. At the same time, I want this to be officially recognised at the PGA conference, specially after the whole idea came up because the problem exists inside the movement. So, if people continue with blocking, I will not participate in searching around the space for myself, because I don't want to wait for permission to organize with other women and do it somewhere in corner - in this PGA context. 

      I can translate the text Going To Places That Scare Me and send it around. Maybe publish it in the next "Women at Work" newsletter, send it to DSM list (Sonja is still on the list so we have access), maybe publish it somewhere else... 

      Kevin, I would like to try to help with gender publication, find some texts... but it will probably take a lot of time to translate them into English. I also have some illustrations and photos from the Girls' Economic Empowerment manual that we made last year. 
      It would probably be much easier and cheaper to print publications here. Or copy them? One A4 copy costs around 0.85 dinars which is around 0.012 euros. 

      And I have my article "Self-image: appearance as a political category", I'll send it to the breakingthesilence when I translate it. I have to look for the article "To My Anarchist Friends" or something like that... 




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