[Breakingthesilence] question about opening the mailinglist

xxactive at no-log.org xxactive at no-log.org
Ven 16 Avr 20:57:53 CEST 2004

hey all of you.
people start to sending answers for the questionnairy. for the moment
non-subscribers cannot directly send messages to the list, it must be
accepted by me, that means sometimes it will be defered for a few days and
the sender will have a message about it that it is a 'members only list'
and that i must approuve (?) or not his message. i can open the list but
it is possible that than a lot of spam will come to all your mailboxes.
especially as the link to this list will be published on the webside
what do you think about?
'your list administrator'...:))

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