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m.reinsborough at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK m.reinsborough at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Ven 10 Déc 20:34:56 CET 2004

hi all, the grassroots gathering in Belfast (Ireland) happened quite some 
time ago and one of the magor focus was gender issues. a couple remarks,

gender reader 1. thanks for the gender reader (although i had trouble 
posting it as a .pdf on the webpage see 
http://www.mallusk.net/grassrootsgathering/reader/ there are other articles 
that are locally written from here in Ireland up there as well)

men only space 2. there was some debate about having a men's only space 
(perhaps familiar to the pga one this summer but it never got out of hand 
because it was a smaller group of people) the decision was that this was ok 
because at least there was men talking about the issues. some of us decided 
not to take a hard ideological line about this ("men aren't oppressed, so 
why do you want a men only space, bla bla bla") but the titles did get 
changed to men's space, women's space, and transgender space. The "only" 
bit was dropped. that worked out alright although i think a few of the men 
who advocated for a men's space without women (the reasoning being that men 
wouldn't say anything they really felt if women were there) were a bit 
shocked that so many anarchist men didn't think sexism was happening in our 
movement(!). so al-in-all a much softer approach than the edgy debate this 
summer at the pga and it worked out alright- it was workshop space not 
anything more.

transgender 3. the men's space and the women's space closed their door 
after the discussions started but the transgender space kept it's door open 
the whole time. Arguably if anyone needed a closed space of protection it 
would be the transgender community but the door stayed open really because 
there was a need to have more people to have a discussion. transgender, 
intersex, or other people who might not want to identify with the men's 
discussion or the women's discussion were welcome but also anyone who 
wanted to come in and join the discussion. this community felt more 
protected by an open door than a closed door. in general the transgender 
issue wasn't successfully dealt with at the gathering- as organisers we 
hadn't suitably prepared and to most of the gathering participants the 
issue never became visible. There are on average about 1-3 intersex persons 
born every year in Northern Ireland (they are neither/both/between male & 
female) and the one's raised as women normally join the dyke lesbian 
community while those raised as men tend to identify with the transgender 

4. woman's discussion had a list of points they read out for other 
activists to know and i don't have it right now so i'll try to find it and 
post it on this list.

sorry i meant to post this report-back earlier but busy and didn't get to 
it... but seeing the list might be closed down i was reminded to send email 
comments on some gender organising that the pga has helped happen


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