[Breakingthesilence] g8

m.reinsborough at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK m.reinsborough at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Ven 10 Déc 20:49:19 CET 2004

is there any gender & antiracism discussions planned for the G8 protests?
i would think they would be a pretty good idea.

this g8 is being held somewhere just next to nowhere in the highlands of 
scotland and they know we're coming. possibly heavy security will make 
tactical scrumming of the conference difficult. let's face it, after 
seattle it has been pretty hard to sneak up on the ruling class with tens 
of thousands of people. to do this sort of thing a second time we'll have 
to be very clever;)

but.. a lot of people will show up anyway and one thing that might be 
useful is somekind of discussions, trainings, talks etc about movement 
issues like sexism (racism, heterosexism, lots of stuff).

then everyone goes home (wether or not the action is an on-the-ground 
tactical success or an in-the-airwaves media success) and brings better 
practices for building safe movements to the organising in their hometown.


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