[Breakingthesilence] men only space> men's space

martin dufresne martin at laurentides.net
Ven 10 Déc 21:02:15 CET 2004

> men only space 2. there was some debate about having a men's only space
> (perhaps familiar to the pga one this summer but it never got out of hand
> because it was a smaller group of people) the decision was that this was
> because at least there was men talking about the issues. some of us
> not to take a hard ideological line about this ("men aren't oppressed, so
> why do you want a men only space, bla bla bla") but the titles did get
> changed to men's space, women's space, and transgender space. The "only"
> bit was dropped. that worked out alright although i think a few of the men
> who advocated for a men's space without women (the reasoning being that
> wouldn't say anything they really felt if women were there) were a bit
> shocked that so many anarchist men didn't think sexism was happening in
> movement(!).

Surprise, surprise...

Actually, no anarchist is cheeky enough to claim White space for discussions
where Whites could comfortably say stuff they wouldn't dare say in
ethnically-mixed company, because we understand - after centuries of
anti-racist struggles by non-Whites - that such space fosters racism rather
than confronts it.

But the thought experiment that men could be *oppressed* as men remains
credible to this day, justifying "safe space" for men to dump on non-men...



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