[Breakingthesilence] RE: Race and Gender

miss moon tveye_ at hotmail.com
Jeu 1 Juil 20:42:31 CEST 2004

hiya assim

ive looked at the links youve supplied...
the stuff about suffrage and race is interesting
quite different from Angela Davis - 'women, race and class' and her account 
of the relationship between the suffrage movement in america and the 
relationship between this and the abolitionist movement.
what she writes about is a priviledging of white womens rights above those 
or african americans:
a splitting of movements in a struggle for power.
and a very complex intertwinning of systems of oppression worked against a 
united emancipation for all.

i like Bell Hooks writing ' aint i a woman' and 'black looks' very much

can you give me a link to where there is a documentation on this block for 
mens groups?
i want to be able to open this issue to people working on gender issues here 
in belgrade

can you tell me if there are some workshops or discussions that you would 
like to open at PGA conference? i think there are many strands of these 
issues that be used to make something open to a large group of people not 
just this little mailing group

hear you soon
x p

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