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hello paula and others.
i am sorry to say that, but i decided a few month ago that i don't have
the energy to involve myself in a conference where (in the way i
experienced it) exist so much
resistance to gender stuff. so i stopped to put energy in this. i tryed to
write a text to explain that but i didn't manage to  do it in english. i
am sure there are a lot of interesting people doing interesting things
about gender now and i am sorry not to support you more than continuing
the administration of the list. i am even not sure anymore to come to the
i hope you will have other (better) replies.
see you perhaps in belgrade

> paula here...making another attempt to get a reply regarding co
ordination or really any kind of co operative effort on gender day
> as ive said in other emails there is a lot of interest on the ground in
> but i dont have any info on what is coming from elsewhere
> or who i can work with on this.......
> thanx
> paula
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