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with the reader

i suggest opening the subject of content to the reader to those who have put 
forward ideas for gender workshops
here in belgrade
and elsewhere

and that these people could make contributions

as far as printing goes it is likely that all belgrade printing will be done 
by photocopying

i will forward this info to people asa we have started to sort the workshop 
program a bit now
xx moon

>From: ni co lu <nicolu at chutelibre.org>
>Reply-To: "gender working group for the european people's global action  
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>To: breakingthesilence at gendertrouble.org
>Subject: [Breakingthesilence] en françaisand english : gender work
>Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 18:11:46 +0200
>Ok, miss moon is asking about the gender working group.
>concerning our work, i think that unfortunately, most of the questions I 
>a few weeks ago about our goals stayed unanswered with nobody even taking
>care to personnaly answer.
>So I'm going to put it again on the table (below) and give a few personnal
>answers and hope that some still keep some energy and good will.
>about the gender reader : we have no money to print it nicely and dont have
>much chance to find some in the next two weeks. My idea would be to do a
>black and withe layout (if kevin is still ok to do so) and to
>print/photocopy it in belgrade during the days before the conference with
>personnal money contribution of people who want to help (printing cost
>should be cheaper there) and also ask the coordination group if any general
>money can go into such project, but I doubt and it would also create a lot
>of new unneeded debates.
>we can therefore find personnal contribution and distribute it for donation
>money during the conference.
>about a few ideas for the reader content, i think that a text about the
>situation of women in serbia and maybe also presenting azin (serbian
>feminist network) would be great, maybe also about the queer/gay/lesbian
>mouvement there and it's repression (maybe miss moon can ask people there.
>It would be great also to have a few text that can present feminist 
>and works / or even presentation of words done by collectives. I think we
>should also put "how to deal with sexual harrasment" + one text with men
>anti-masculinist point of view (be it "how can i be a sexist ?" or 
>on masculinity..." or both).
>I'm going to look if I can find any other good and not too long texts in
>english and I hope that you'll hopefully do so to....
>about the presentation text : nobody did this general presentation text to
>raise questions about the gender issue for the conference, it still would 
>great if someone send a proposal, even something short or made of 
>about workshops : I proposed two in the message below, (and I still want to
>prepare it, alone or hopefully with others...).
>I really hope that other people will announce quickly worshops, or movies 
>presentations so that we can do a programm.
>I really hope too that people frm belgrade will offer some (but I don't 
>any contacts with bosa since quite a while)
>text about sexual harassment to be distributed to every participants or
>included in the conference guide : I'm still for using "how to deal with
>sexual harassment", maybe with a little more general intro and specific
>solutions proposed for the conference (see the minutes of london's 
>personnaly, I think that jean-phi's proposal to have presentation or 
>activities around
>gender issues with kids is great.
>invitation letter to groups and people : i did one in french, but doubt 
>I'll have the time to translate it in english, so if someone else can do 
>that would be great.
>that's all for now / see the message below in french and english for more 
>(Il y a une traduction française paragraphe par paragraphe / there's a
>french translation block of text by block of text))
>ola !
>I just want to try to start here a discussion about a few short-term goals
>that we can have for the conference in the coming weeks and hopefully as
>soon as possible.it would be great to get some feedback and communication.
>salut !
>je veux juste essayer ici de démarrer une discussion sur quelques
>objectifs de travail à cour terme pour la conférence dans les semaines à
>venir et espérons-le aussi vite que possible. Ce serait classe d avoir un
>peu de retour et de communication la-dessus.
>gender programm :
>- it would be great if we can try to start working on a programm around
>the gender issue and find what we want as workshops, big debates, small
>ones, presentation of groups, videos and define for each what we want to
>be mixed gender, women only or men only...
>le programme d'activités sur les questions de genre :
>- ce serait cool si nous pouvions essayer de bosser sur un programme sur
>les questions de genre et trouver ce que nous voulons faire comme atelier,
>grand débats, petits, presentations de groupes, projections and définir ce
>que nous proposons comme moments mixtes ou non-mistes là-dedans.
>I kind of know that some people have on this list have already thought
>about a few ideas...and maybe it would be time to share the various ideas.
>je sais que certaines personnes sur cette liste ont déjà quelques idées,
>peut être que l'on pourrait commencer à les partager.
>personnaly i'd like to think about workshops around one or two issues :
>   - naturalism, essentialism and patriarchal domination and link it with
>the critic of other naturalist/essentialist ideologies of domination.
>  - men-only workshops around and against masculine domination, which could
>start from more personnal exchanges and views and aim at finding tools to
>fight against patriarchy into our daily lives, relationships and alos how
>to push it in the public area.
>personellement, j'aimerai penser à des ateliers sur un ou deux sujets : -
>le naturalisme, l'essentialisme et la domination patriarcale liés à
>d'autres perspectives critiques sur le naturalisme/essentialisme comme
>idéologies de domination. - des ateliers non-mixtes hommes sur la
>domination masculine qui pourrait démarrer de perspectives plus
>personnelles et viser à trouver des outils pour lutter contre le
>patriarcat dans nos vies quotidiennes, relations et aussi comment pousser
>ces sujets dans un domaine plus large et public.
>maybe it would also be intersting to think how we can link some activities
>around gender with the kid group.
>peut-être qu'il serait aussi intéressant de réfléchir à lier des activités
>du programme de genre avec le groupe enfant.
>invitation to other groups :
>It would be good to know if some of us have invited some specific groups
>working on gneder issue and had positive answers. Maybe the queeruption
>meeting that happens in amsterdam during the first week of june could be a
>good time to invite people involved with the queer dynamic. maybe a kind
>of invitation letter could be usefull.
>INvitation d'autres groupes et collectifs :
>Ce serait bien de savoir si certaines d entre nous ont ont invites des
>groupes specifiques pour la conference et^ont recu des reponses positives.
>peut-etre que la queeruption  d amsterdam, si des personnes d entre nous y
>vont, pourait etre un bon moment pour inviter des gentes impliquees dans
>la dynamique queer.Peut-etre aussi que lon pourait penser a une sorte de
>lettre d invitatation pour des collectifs travaillant sur les questions de
>text about sexist harrasment/agressions for the conference :
>- we could maybe think if the text sent by kevin about "how to deal with
>sexual harassment" could be a good one to include in the gender reader and
>distribute during the conference or if we want to rework on something
>- le texte sur les agressions/violences sexistes /:
>on peut peut etre reflechir si le texte envoye par kevin sur -comment
>reagir face aux agressions sexistes- pourrait etre un texte adequat a
>inclure dans le journal sur les questions de genre de la conference et a
>distribuer pendant ou si nous voulons le retravailler et l adapter.
>the questionnaire :
>- i dont know if some people have already taken some time to spread it and
>translate in other languages. Should we tell people to send answer on this
>list or to a personnal adress. What we should we do with the answers ?
>- le questionnaire :
>je ne sais pas si des personnes ont deja pris le  temps de le diffuser et
>de le traduire en dautres langues. est-ce que lon devrait dire aux
>personnes d envoyer les reponses sur cette liste ou sur une adresse
>specifique ? que voulons nous faire des reponses ?
>the gender reader :
>- do we still want to do something like that. Are there other people than
>kevin who want to work on it ? which texts do we want to include ? How do
>we copy and finance it .?
>- le journal sur les questions de genre :
>est-ce que l on veut toujours en realiser un pour la conference. y a t  il
>d autres personnes que kevin qui veulent bosser dessus ? quel textes
>voulont nous y incclure ? comme le copions nous et le financons nous ?
>bisous / nicolu
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