[Breakingthesilence] a few answers about gender work

ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Mer 7 Juil 15:53:25 CEST 2004

hi that was a personnal answer to paula about gender coordination work.....
but as I'm still hoping that more people on this list can join and help with
the work, i prefer to keep it open.


hi paula, thousand times sorry... I just spend days without computers in a
newly squatted building that has no electricity and it takes us most of our
time and energy to keep it and fix it, and also to fix an old van that may
allow us to reach belgrade ;)

I'm ok to co-ordinate the gender stuffs with you, but every time I tried to
send a messsage to ask specifinc practical working questions and to try to
sum up a;d give specific proposals about what we have to do and what's on,
nobody is answering (did you receive my last email on the breaking the
silence that was detailing the situation about workshops and newspaper and
all that ?).

Even if I'm usually more on the ever-optimistic tendency :), I'm started to
think it becomes a bit a shitty situation, I know that part of the people
just gave up because of people spending all their time confronting and
criticizing basic stuffs and trying to destroy the few initiatives that have
been taken. Most of them, after years of struggling on these
issues are quite depressed (and I'm starting to be so myself) to have to
loose time again with always the same agressive idiots and arguments and
prefer to focus on other groups or networks more open to these issues and
discussions, or just to keep on doing the practical local stuff they usually
do, thinking it's more usefull.

And it's also only a part of the problem, I think that other are just
passive or don't have enough time for that and all these big networking
things, some will join in the end but wait for things to be organized.  I
also know that, at least in france, part of the anti-authoritarian feminists
group I know, are quite reluctant to participate in big anticapitalist /
mixed atmosphere events and prefer to focus on their work with women. Part
of the french peoqple also have problems with the english language but
presently I really unfortunately don't have time to translate everything. I
think also part of the problem is that we haven't made early enough (mostly
because of time debating and waiting for people accepting proposal) specific
invitations about gender projects during the conference (I did one in
fernceh and maybe we'll take time ti translate it in english, but I'm not
sure, so if you have time for that).

personally, I feel engaged in this and I'm so happy that you did so too, and
I want to keep faith in the usefullness of this, espacially for people in
belgrade, hoping that other people will join us in the end.

I hope that kevin is still ok to coordinate the gender reader and layout it
(I did some texts proposals in my last email, maybe you could try to speak
those I was mentionning about local belgrade stuffs with belgrade people, as
they're not answering directly on the list too).
I'll be at least 4 days before the conference in belgrade, and I'm ready to
spend time photocopying the gender reader and also the basic text about
sexual/sexist harassment that was meant to be distributed to every
participants to the conference.

About workshops, as said in this email, I propose two, and wait desperately
for people to propose others. Maybe we could check with programm
co-ordinators, if some people applied for workshops about genders,
without passing by the breaking the silence list and if programm
co-ordinators didn't tell us about it (organisation might be a bit chaotic).

I'll check myself if london gender lab people  confirm that they'll
do the gender lab in belgrade. I Think that we'll have to contact personally
people till we get some positive answers, hopefully early enough before the

Maybe you can also tell me as soon as you have positive and answers that
some groups in belgrade would be interested to do some presentation, or
workshops / debates and tell me what (I'll do so too myself with people that
i can manage to contact)

As soons as we have enough workshops/screenings/debates proposals, we
canstart at least to organize a gender day programm.

What do you think and what do other think too.

ps : if you meet betty and bosa from azin, please tell them that jean-phi
and I are trying urgently to reach them on quite important issues and that
we would be both really happy if they email us.

bisous / nicolu

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