[Breakingthesilence] the reader

Kev Smith kevin.smith at gmx.net
Jeu 8 Juil 13:46:37 CEST 2004

i tried to send this email a few days ago but it got bounced back....

I am in barcelona at the moment, but i will shortly return to escanda and i
am happy to put soem time in on putting the reader together.

I dont think i will be able to make it to belgrade as I am a little bit
short of both time and money.

It would be good to get some concrete ideas fo what we want to include so
that i can start workign on it straight away.

My only firm proposal is to include the "Going to places that scare me,
thoughts on challenging white male supremacy" piece.

I would liek to clearly establish now who wants to be involved in choosing
this pieces. It needs to be clearly defined so that we can make decisions
and go on with this, rather than waiting for some vague, phantom email
consensus of everyone that never really happens. I am quite happy to make
these decisions on my own and just get on with it, but obviously it would be
nicer if there was more input from others.

And also, how long do you think we should be looking at this reader being?

OK, I will have beeter internet access next week.
besos para todos

I'm not using my eyfa email address anymore
please update your addressbook accordingly, innit

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