[Breakingthesilence] gender fuckers aho

miss moon tveye_ at hotmail.com
Ven 16 Juil 02:06:54 CEST 2004

hallo from belgrade

today there was a meeting of people working here to make workshops on gender
good results/vibe

we discussed the idea of whether it is better to have gender workshops all 
on one day or not
people at the meeting were in favour of making a consolidated day so as to 
better be able to make outreach to people interested in gender issues in 
belgrade, also to better develop an atmosphere of solidarity and support 
through the day with people attending gender workshops.

there is energy here for making some cultural event in the evening, cabaret  

also more things coming for the reader and people working on serbian/english 
....kev i have said after the weekend is probably still ok to send 

looking forward to seeing more people arriving and joining the chaos


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