[Breakingthesilence] Re: reader update

friday friday at nadir.org
Ven 16 Juil 20:46:10 CEST 2004


I agree on not including Nicos text on masculinities, also for another reason. I
 think the emphasis of the reader would appear to be strongly on masculinity
("Tips for white guys", "going to places that scare me", etc.). I have not read
Bob Connell's text yet.

What about including a text from the crossborder camp reader (as suggested on
this list once)?


kevin wrote:

I would also like to include somethign esle i am pasting into this called
Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism

Nico, I have reservations about including your piece on mens work in
anti-capitalist circles as it has raised a lot of controversy and
disagreement (not just from fabian - from other peopel i have spoken to
aswell) and i think that it would take a lot of reworking and discussion to
get it into a shape that everyone would be happy with. what do peopel think
about this?

There is another text that i really like called "masculinities, violence and
peace" that was translated into spanish and used in the pimiento verde.....
it is a little bit academic, but i think that it covers some nice areas...
again, i would like peopls feedback on this article, and i am pasting it
into this email after the homophobia one. 

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