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el renegado renegado at blueyonder.co.uk
Dim 18 Juil 12:51:56 CEST 2004

Hi Kev

this might be help you with resources some

it's a gender resources links page from Rhythms of Resistance samba band



on 17/7/04 1:15 pm, Kev Smith at kevin.smith at gmx.net wrote:

> hello everyone
> OK, I have started the layout..... I am a bit worried by how much there is
> to do... but I am sure that it must be a pretty universal sensation for
> anyone doing anythign at all involved in this conference!
> (fin, when i hit reply to this list, rather than writing out the email
> address, it doesnt work... i am not sure if this is the same problem that
> you have been having.....)
> i think it would be good to include a page with some listings of groups,
> websites and projects and stuff.....   is there anyone outthere who mioght
> be able to put this together??? if someone could volunteer that would be
> great... if not, if everyone could just send me what info they have and i
> wil try and compile it all into something coherent
> besos y'all
> kev

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