[Breakingthesilence] arse wiping

m.reinsborough at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK m.reinsborough at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Lun 26 Juil 00:06:18 CEST 2004

I#m at the conference now and I haven#t heard anything about this. Things 
seem to be going reasonably well. the gender discussion day is tomorrow. 
maybe someone else knows of this but i havent heard this problem

we have also tried to emphasize the space for children. problematicly the 
campsite children space is quite close to the space that evening 
socializing and drinking is taking place so that spatial organisation 
problem is being talked about and as best as possible dealt with. We are 
attempting to limit the overlap. Most of the parents came with vans and 
therefore most of the children aren't sleeping in the childrens area at 
night anyway so it isn't as bad a problem as it might have been. The 
presence of children is widely supported by most everyone in the camp so it 
is just a matter of making people aware of what childrens needs are.

Generally I feel the presence of children at organising conferences makes 
the conferences both more fun and more serious- which are both good things.


On Jul 25 2004, Kev Smith wrote:

> hello i heard somethign in passing about soemone disrupting a process 
> meeting by wiping their arse with the gender reader... could someone 
> please give me a bit more info about what happened and who and why and 
> how it was dealt with? cheers now kev

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