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Kev Smith kevin.smith at gmx.net
Mar 8 Juin 10:37:44 CEST 2004

Dear Christian,
My name is kevin, I live in the NW of Spain in a project called escanda
which is active within pga networks, and has also some gender related
projects on the go. At the moment I am working on a spanish language
magazine called the pimiento verde (http://moviments.net/pimineotverde)
whose next issue is on the subject of gender and especially in relation to
activisms and alternative spaces.

I am not sure if you know or not, but the sibling magazine of the pimiento
verde, ther greenpepper is based in amsterdam, and they have also just
issued a magazine (in english) on gender. You can contact them at 020
6831021 (i think) or if not, email sarakaka at hypocrisy.org

Also, have you spoken to anyone who was involved in the gender part of the
recent PGA Asia conference in Bangladesh?

OK, with regards to your research, I have a proposal to make... I am not
sure if it will be possible or not, but you never know....   Basically, as a
working group, we would love to put together a small publication or reader
on the subject of gender for the PGA conference in Belgrade, in order to
raise awareness around some of the issues and stimulate constructive
discussion. Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have any money to do this.
Do you have access to any institutional or otherwise funding at your
university that you could somehow recompense us for taking part in this
research (and we, at least me, would take it very seriously and try and
provide you with as thorough answers as possible) that we could then use
towards the printing costs of this publication in the Belgrade conference?


> Dear all,
> I am engaged in a research for a graduation thesis in gender studies at 
> the University of Amsterdam. The research focuses on the strategies for 
> the change of gender relations of feminist groups, organizations and 
> networks that are connected with the alterglobalization movement.
> PGA is part of the set of groups/organizations/networks that are 
> included in this research. Since PGA is a rather 'immaterial' network, 
> I tried to send a questionaire for getting a variety of reliable 
> information to several groups that are connected with PGA and are 
> supposed to work from a feminist perspective. Unfortunately, I did not 
> receive a answer yet.
> For this reason I send the questionaire to this mailing list. It poses 
> some questions about your group's (PGA) vision on feminist politics, 
> your way of organizing and cooperating, and the role of personal 
> change.
> It would be very helpul if one person could afford the time to respond 
> to these questions. I would not mind either if the questionaire is 
> answered by more persons working together (if that will be made clear 
> on the top of the questionaire).
> I will treat the information respectful and will not use it for any 
> purposes behind this research. When the first version of the thesis is 
> finished, I will send it to you for further comment.
> Thanks a lot in advance for your worthful cooperation!
> best regards,
> Christian Scholl
> contatct:  christian.scholl at student.uva.nl

I'm not using my eyfa email address anymore
please update your addressbook accordingly, innit

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