[Breakingthesilence] research

Christian Scholl Christian.Scholl at student.uva.nl
Mar 8 Juin 14:31:39 CEST 2004

Hola Kev,

I will certainly try to arrange some funding for your publication since 
I find this a very good and important idea, and I know some 
possibilities. If it is possible to do that via the university for my 
research, I do not know, but I doubt about that since the rules for the 
thesis-projects (and for everything else) got very tough in the vein of 
introducing the bachelor-master-structure (homogeneization of EU 
education, there we go ;)
This also means, that the time for making a thesis is very restricted 
and I am actually already in the final period.
It is a  pity, but I frighten we cannot work together too extensively 
any more on that ...
But if you would answer (alone or with your group) the questionaire you 
helped me a lot already!

About the Gender Conference: Yes, I am very keen on getting to know 
more about that ... I was searching a lot but the only contactadress of 
poeple there was not that responsive (trasgu). Perhaps you could 
provide me some adresses of peoples that have been there. Or perhaps 
you know where I can get some reports from?

In any case, apart from trying to get funds, I would not mind to help 
you with this gender-reader. Just let me know.

Muchas gracias,

Am 08.06.2004 um 09:37 schrieb Kev Smith:

> http://moviments.net/pimineotverde

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