[Breakingthesilence] big worries ??

ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Ven 11 Juin 07:22:57 CEST 2004

worries :

hi again ! 

ok...i'm afraid to be a bit worried and quite disapointed...so i prefer to
share my  worries hoping to be wrong.

 i sent a message two weeks ago to try to restart collective work on things
that seemed to be done :
- to both propose workshops and think about a programm, organize the gender
day, write a general introduction about the gender issue and exchange about
the contacts we might have made with other groups/individuals who might be
interested to come to the conference (maybe even to write a specific
invitation  letter for groups working on gender issues) and to see what we
would do with questionnaire (translate/spread it/do something with the

I strongly think that all these tasks should be shared and responsibilities
taken collectively or better not to happen.
Except kev who is apparently still working on a project of gender
publication for the conference, no one else answered on any of those issues.

A few of us took much time and work to push aand explain these projects
during conference preparation meetings as it was at some point expressed by
various people that they found important to have more initiatives around
gender issues in pga network (and that at the time some people seemed to be
ready to work and take responsibilities for it), but if it's not the case
anymore, I really don't want want to be the one putting pressure on people
and pushing things (As I'm doing maybe stupidly doing again now maybe
because I hardly believe that all these discussions and work done to give a
space for these initiatives might not be used for putting up some concrete
things during the conference) and maybe we should cancell all these

Maybe I'm too impatient and that all things will be done at the last minute
before the conference, maybe internet is too much a virtual and
inegalitarian tool to have a collective work, maybe some people have lost
energy in the process for various reasons, maybe we were too
ambitious....i'd like at least to know...  

anyway / hoping for some good news and energies / nicolu

Post scriptum : Two last word...for me at least about fabians's messages - I
think we should always give importance to contradictory debates but one
month before the conference, i personally don't want to loose any energy
anymore on answering to fabian's  accusations and critics.

To me again, if
he's so dissatisfied with the way some of us work on or present gender
issues, weel...pga is a decentralised network  with  a great open space for
autonomous initiatives, and he can totally create his own texts, workshops
and initiatives about gender except of just trying to spit on other people's
projects and just accusing them of racism, sexism, imperialism and all these

I mean, I already took time  to answer his critics (I sometimes wonder why,
as I'd reckon most didn't make much sense to me...) and apparently no one
else from this list is interested to take time to also do so.

What is more important is that I'm personally feeling really depressed by
the way, inside the small virtual and quite artificial world of internet,
this kind of strategy of accusations and paranoïa can make other people
loose energy and confidence.  

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