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Paula, thanks for restarting a discussion and sending some positive energy from

It is certainly necessary to find a constructive way of discussing "race",
colonialism and gender, so far I myself have not understood the reasons behind
the block for the men's only group. Exclusion?

I think it has been mentioned before: there are some interesting texts at the
summercamp crossborder project site:

At the moment, I am not sure I will make it to Belgrade (travel costs and other
difficulties), so I cannot make any commitments towards content.

Oh, and one thing for the administration of the list: it might be a good idea to
reset the settings for the reply address of this list.


Quoting miss moon <tveye_ at hotmail.com>:

> hey...good to hear someone active on the list
> im still keen to hear what other definite gender workshops are
> coming to belgrade
> tho another positive meeting with people working locally last night
> and i think from belgrade a lot of good energy and excellent projects
> ive looked at the gender list archive
> i find the mens group discussion a bit hard to follow
> my own experience of 'separated groups is as follows'
> mens groups
> i have seens a number of positive initiatives in terms of mens groups
> in aotearoa a mens group was formed to initiate community action
> on some specific cases of sexual violence. what this meant was that for once
> men were
> the driving force in looking for solutions, working with perpetrators and 
> developing models for
> action not dependant on either the criminal justice system or punative 
> justice traditions.
> there is definately a mens group in belgrade working against sexual
> violence
> in aotearoa i also came across a number of pakeha groups working on racism.
> pakeha initiated groups working on their own racist issues. also a wide 
> spread network 'pakeha treaty workers'..this network operates in research 
> and other actions that can assist in the struggle for tino rangatiratanga 
> (sovereignty of indigenous people). i think it is based in a way of living 
> that seeks to negotiate a new relationship between pakeha and maori..... to
> address colonisation.
> i reply to this issue because i feel that a reply has been asked for on the
> list
> what i would like most of all is to hear from people who wish to contribute
> to this gender day at PGA
> belgrade. the situation here is amazing, there are so many tough issues 
> everyday but i think the conference offers a very real opportunity to change
> things.
> that people working here have much to offer, speaking about their ongoing 
> fight to keep going in such difficult conditions and that people coming to 
> belgrade can add to this exchange.
> assim, what for you is the best possible way that PGA could address the 
> linked isssues of race and gender? i know this is a huge question....to 
> begin a discussion
> best wishes to all
> xx paula
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