[Breakingthesilence] Race and Gender

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Mer 30 Juin 17:56:07 CEST 2004

>assim, what for you is the best possible way that PGA could address
>the linked isssues of race and gender? i know this is a huge >question....to
begin a discussion

to start we can look how these are already linked in the discussions
we have been having on the Gender Discussion at http://ourmayday.org/cgi-

eg http://ourmayday.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?European_As_Male (European as


The problem has been that after "Thoughts on Masculinity (de)construction
and anti-capitalist activism" several responses were made, concerning
the way it uses womens' liberation movements to start a discussion on
the liberation of men, and then go on to present methods for the liberation
of white middle class men.  

while the block on men-only groups was intended to simply bring this
discussion to a fore at the london prep meeting, this having failed,
we still think that men-only groups dealing with highly sensitive and
 personal issues will not be suitable for the belgrade conference.

the reasons for supporting women-only groups, i hope is obvious.  

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