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Lun 29 Mar 13:34:23 CEST 2004

dear pga gender working group posse,

my name is kev, i live and work in escanda (www.escanda.org - but there
will be a much funkier version of the website up in the next few days)
and one of the projects that i am currently involved in is a spanish
magazine called el pimiento verde (www.moviments.net/pimientoverde) which
is sort of a spanish version of the greenpepper magazine

each issue has a different theme, and the next PV is on gender, and i am
in the process of collecting/editing/translating texts on the subject.

If people are interested or think it is worthwhile, and if they are not
scared of their inboxes being too full-up, i can send some of the texts
that i am using or inspired by to this list for people to have a look at.

Also, I would like to tentatively (ie not 100% but i quite like the sound
of the idea and I am a bit worried about my workload but its the sort of
project that I would enjoy doing and I need to think a bit more before i
really sign my name on the dotted line) commit to being able to put
together some sort of gender publiction for the PGA meeting in belgrade. I
can do simple (nothing too ultra-hip) layout, and i have collected a load
of images and i can probably recycle somethigns from the pimiento
I don't have access to money to print such a publication...... We would
have to come up with some other ideas for that, and the pimeinto verde,
unfortunately, is very very low on money.

also, maybe it would make more sense to print it in belgrade, as i am not
sure how i would be able to get them there.... there are definiteyl people
going from escanda, but i am not sure how many publications there would be
or how bulky they would be to carry.

does nayone have any good contacxts with any org.s like mamacash in
amsterdam that have solidairty funds for projects/travel etc related to

ok, this is all just ideas - this is what i have to contribute, and i
welcome more suggestions and whatever on top of this, and i hope to
collaborate with some or all of the people on this list towards the goal
of putting some sort of publication together.

just to give people an idea, I am attaching on to this email the update so
far of the pimiento verde with a list of articles (the file has a spanish
title but the content is in english) to give people an idea of the sort of
angles that i am coming from.

cheers now

(ps please if you have more ideas suggestions for the pimiento verde,
especially things/people/projects in spanish, then let me know too)

>       hello.
>       okay, let's initiate this list. we are 17 subscribers. we are
> somehow the gender working group to prepare this issue for the next
> european pga conference. there are only three persons who
> participated to the dijon's wintermeeting (from this meeting came
> some concret proposals, you can found them on the web site:
> http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/free/dijon/gender.htm ),
> the others disappeared... since the belgrade's preparation meeting
> in october where two proposals were blocked (to have one gender-day
> and to have women and men and if wanted other 'non-mixed' spaces)
> there happened not so much about it. the proposals should be
> reformulated and explained again by the 'gender working group'. we
> tried to contact the people who were interested after the dijon's
> meeting and created this mailinglist. but to be honest, this is the
> first mail on it... so far as we understood, this issue was not
> discussed in the january meeting neither. until now this famous
> gender working group didn't really exist, and the question is what
> to do now. we feel really uncomfortable with this 'blocking
> situation', especially as it seems not resolvable (?) on local
> belgrade level. (since the october meeting discussions on this issue
> have always been violent and some people left dsm). we don't know
> really how to act if people will maintain the block. in the worst
> case we can accept that people are not interested in gender issue
> but we can not accept that they block concret proposals. this is
> even in the opposite with our idea of pga basis organizing. we see
> it both - the gender day and women etc. spaces blocking - as a
> problem, but since it might be a big difficulty to arrange the whole
> day on gender with local people, we think it's not worth that work,
> we are probably not enough people and we have not enough time to
> work really on a concept (the idea about this gender day was to make
> sure that people will not have to choose between this and other
> topics, to show that we consider it as a really important issue, but
> it shouldn't look like a special event and after we can go back to
> the 'normal' program). we would much more like to work on contacts
> and content and have as many gender issue workshops as possible
> during the whole conference. still, we feel it's very important to
> work on having non-mixed spaces.
>       we would like to know what you are thinking about this and what kind
> of involvement you are willing to take (it makes no sense to focus
> on gender if there are not enough people working on it).
>       beside this important points to be discussed, here is a list of
> concrete things to work on:
>       - realize a questionnary to be sent with the application form (see
> dijon report) and think about how to use the answers in an
> interesting way...
>       - leaflet for the conference opening, layout, print
>       - specific gender contact work to invite groups to propose workshops
> and/or present their work. can we imagine to write a specific short
> call that could be added to the general call or sent as a special
> call ?
>       - collecting texts for a gender-reader, organizing layout and
> printing. translation?
>       for the moment we are just listing this projects. before to take
> responsabilities for some tasks, we would like to have discussion.
> it seems important to us to have it before the april's meeting. and
> maybe we should send the outcome of our discussion (our concerns and
> concrete proposals??) to the process list. both of us we won't be at
> the next meeting. is there anyone here who will come to belgrade?
>       please take the time to think about all this and share it!
>       take care!
>       bosa (belgrade) and inga (grenoble, sans titre network)
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