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Ven 8 Oct 17:39:53 CEST 2004

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>There was a very undefined process as to how to go about making
>the reader>

this process is very easily defined: beurocratic elitism bordering on
vanguardist totalitarianism

if>someone on>the list raised objections to a text that was submitted,
 then i>wouldnt put>it in the reader.

we were not informed of this criteria.

>I think if you are going to seriously tackle the issue of racism
>in the PGA>(which i think is a very valid problem to tackle) then you
should>be a bit >less McCarthyist about it before you start slinging

this is very far from random: the only non-european text is censored:

kev, u are simply defending a rascist sexist and white supremacist working
process (u define the control over the reader by a white middle class
man as a "less than desirable situation" - for us this is not undesirable,
 but UNNACCEPTABLE). further, by relating fabian's methods to mc-carthyism
u are also suggesting that fighting against communism is akin to fighting
against rascism. nothing is further from the truth.

we tackle rascism everywhere we go: we have no choice: what we demand
is that YOU tackle the issue of rascism. but it maybe that u will not
and cannot. as for whether the pga can, we will see on friday 15th october
in london. i hope to see some of u there,

west essex zapatista
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