[Breakingthesilence] gender reader

Kev Smith kevin.smith at gmx.net
Ven 8 Oct 22:22:21 CEST 2004

dear asim

>There was a very undefined process as to how to go about making
>the reader>

this process is very easily defined: beurocratic elitism bordering on
vanguardist totalitarianism

this isnt helping or clarifying anything... this is simply stringing a
string of abusive, unsubstantiated words together that serve little purpose
other than making yourself appear to be some sort of incisive political
analyst, which on the basis of a number of your emails that i have read, i
fear is far from the case. it is exactly this sort of jargonistic, offensive
approach that I have come to expect from you and fabian that does nothing to
shed light on any real concerns that you may have, and instead perplexes and
alienates people.

if>someone on>the list raised objections to a text that was submitted,
 then i>wouldnt put>it in the reader.

we were not informed of this criteria.

I wasnt informed that i needed your approval before i went ahead with making
the reader.

>I think if you are going to seriously tackle the issue of racism
>in the PGA>(which i think is a very valid problem to tackle) then you
should>be a bit >less McCarthyist about it before you start slinging

this is very far from random: the only non-european text is censored:

kev, u are simply defending a rascist sexist and white supremacist working
process (u define the control over the reader by a white middle class
man as a "less than desirable situation" - for us this is not undesirable,

how dare you? you dont know me, you have never met me, so dont make
assumptions. I am not going to get sucked into some "no i am the most
oppressed person" competition with you, but just dont make assumptions about
me when you have never met me. have you any idea how offensive it is to be
accused of orchestrating a "white supremacist working process?" what do you
hope to achieve by being this provocative? i am really at a loss to

 further, by relating fabian's methods to mc-carthyism
u are also suggesting that fighting against communism is akin to fighting
against rascism. nothing is further from the truth.

no i am not. dont put words in my mouth. i am suggesting that he is being
very devisive and inventing exaggerated enemies where there are none. 


we tackle rascism everywhere we go: we have no choice: what we demand
is that YOU tackle the issue of rascism. but it maybe that u will not
and cannot. as for whether the pga can, we will see on friday 15th october
in london. i hope to see some of u there,

west essex zapatista

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