[Breakingthesilence] gender reader

martin dufresne martin at laurentides.net
Ven 8 Oct 22:43:54 CEST 2004


I don't think there is any need to retort with personal attacks and
intimidation to remarks critical of a process and of what is clearly
perceived as its failure on an issue of principle. This is a bit
embarrassing to write but... don't you trust our judgment?


>...abusive, unsubstantiated words together that serve little purpose
> other than making yourself appear to be some sort of incisive political
> analyst, which on the basis of a number of your emails that i have read, i
> fear is far from the case. it is exactly this sort of jargonistic,
> approach that I have come to expect from you and fabian ...

> I wasnt informed that i needed your approval before i went ahead...
> you should be a bit less McCarthyist about it before you start slinging
> kev, u are simply defending a rascist sexist and white supremacist working
> process (u define the control over the reader by a white middle class
> man as a "less than desirable situation" - for us this is not undesirable,
> how dare you? you dont know me, you have never met me, so dont make
> assumptions. I am not going to get sucked into some "no i am the most
> oppressed person" competition with you, but just dont make assumptions
> me when you have never met me. have you any idea how offensive it is to be
> accused of orchestrating a "white supremacist working process?" what do
> hope to achieve by being this provocative? i

> i am suggesting that he is being
> very devisive and inventing exaggerated enemies where there are none
> kev

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