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miss moon tveye_ at hotmail.com
Sam 9 Oct 12:04:25 CEST 2004

dear people
the gender reader:
there were other 'non western articles ' included
for example bosa's writing on women in the work place and on workers 
there were also other 'non western ' articles excluded
for example tijanas article
'10 reasons not to legallise prostitution'
personnally i was far from happy with the finall reader that came out in 
from my perspective several articles in it were quite offensive in that they 
were very anti sex worker

but i choose to move on!!!!

what i am gratefull for is that we managed to get a gender focused day 
happening in belgrade
against some quite enormous odds
and that this has helped to build a number of strong links
these connectings are forming new projects ... some good stuff in 
collaboration with queers in serbia, a further network of people working 
against sexual violence, and dare i say a stronger network of men working on 
gender issues.

can people give up the squabbling and just get on with something productive?
xx moon

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