[Breakingthesilence] Re: wasting your energy

martin dufresne martin at laurentides.net
Mar 12 Oct 03:13:37 CEST 2004

Ironic that such harsh words are posted around a gender reader where a piece
is entitled "Taking The First Step: Suggestions to People Called Out for
Abusive Behaviour"... In this case, despite Kev's reaction, it is the
process and result that were criticized, but these suggestions still make a
lot of sense.


"me i give them as much of my valuable time and energy as it tazkes to
erase all thier communications from my in box
sad people like this just feed on you otherwise"

"i am not clarifying or explaining anything, as i suspect it will only lead
to further abuse and accusations. I am not willing to participate in further
discussion on this list. it makes me very stressed, its incredibly time
consuming and i think its going nowhere."

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