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miss moon tveye_ at hotmail.com
Mar 26 Oct 21:04:20 CEST 2004

super short

sori to be so brief
but im working fulltime and also putting energy into current projects: a 
return to belgrade/quuer stuff there
no borders queer stuff and others...........

>I remember about :
>- workshop on how to deal with sexualk harassment in
>our communities (paula ?)
this workshop went pretty well
about 30 or so people attended and josie and i shared the very personal 
perspective and experience of dealing with an incident of sexual violence 
within our direct action affinity group
we presented the text of an outline for a community meeting written by the 
woman who experience the sexual vioplence
i guess the main drift was that altho we drew a lot of input from so called 
'restorative justice' ideas we were fairly critical of this as a concept 
because in this society what is there to be restored to ; the critique needs 
to go deeper than some supposed resolution to a crappy status quo.
it was good to be able to share what has been our often difficult stuggle to 
find ways to deal with these issues in our communities rather than resorting 
to the criminal justice system.

>- gender lab (fin ?)
>- oil workshop carole)

>- next genderation : emebedded practice (paula, you would know who to 
>to get a report or an introductionnary text)
on the next genderation workshop....as far as i know this didnt happen, a 
big shame because the text was kleft out of the reader in favour of some 
fucking awful anti seworker texts!!!!
bugger it
the original text could be found at next genderation website (not sure of 
the address) and there is aklso a record of it on the paris 2003 esf site

>- a general presentation
>- essentialism debate (I could write a few words about this one as i
>presented it)

>- presentation of belgrade's feminist, gay and lesbian and gender issue
>groups : i know that it didn't really happened, but it could be great if we
>have a few presentation texts of the local groups we've been working with
>(man against violence, women in black, azin...)
this workshop was really great!!!
made everything seem worthwhile for me and also filleed in a lot of the 
historical situation in serbia over the last 15 years
speakers were lep from the autonomous womens center, skenya from women in 
black, melitsa from jena na dell (women at work)  and tijana from labris and 
womens autonomous centre
about 40 people attending i think
speakers gave a description of the organisatioins they work with ...the 
automous womens centre deals with violence against woman and provides 
education and shelter, jena na dell educates women so they can find better 
employment, labris is a lesbian organisation and women in blck seem to do a 
whole heap of things, anti war, anti facist...
lots of the workshop was spen describing the overall political situation in 
serbia with a particula emphasis on the relationship between 
facism/nationalism and the promotion of machismo. also links between thoe 
orthodox church and repression.

also not on this list was the theatre work shop given by zoe gudonovic
zoe is a performancxe artist/activist who does phsical training workshops 
for women and also works at zena na dell..shes also the first serbian drag 
king i have met!!
about 20 of us went to the park and did theatre exercises, gennerally had a 
good time and played together
for the first time in the whole coinference i felt like i was in a queer 
affirming space!!
very cool

there was also a very informal queeruption workshop. this turned into more 
of a information sharing and i think has sewed a few seeds for exchanges and 
solidarity with queers in serbai in the future

again sori to be so brief inm really pressed for time
xxx moon

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