[Breakingthesilence] solidarity initiatives with gays/lesbians, queer groups in serbia.

miss moon tveye_ at hotmail.com
Mar 26 Oct 21:07:22 CEST 2004

hi nicolu

funny you should mention this queer stuff
there are plans affot for just this sort of thing
ive been talking with a few kids in belgrade also here at the recent beyounf 
esf event
majda and stephan and a few other stani panis visited

hopefully looking at some stuff in the spring

tell me what you have in mind and this is all in early jelling stages here 
and there
will keep ya all posted aye
but looks like at least simona and i will return to belgrade maybe aroiund 

xxx moon
>From: ni co lu <nicolu at chutelibre.org>
>Reply-To: "gender working group for the european people's global action 
>(PGA)  conference in belgrade,  july 2004" 
><breakingthesilence at gendertrouble.org>
>To: breakingthesilence at gendertrouble.org
>Subject: [Breakingthesilence] solidarity initiatives with 
>gays/lesbians,queer groups in serbia.
>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 19:21:18 +0200
>Hi again !
>just to say that following discussions at the belgrade's pga conference,
>we're a small group of people involved with sans-titre who would like to
>keep in touch and try to think about solidarity initiatives that we could
>try to create with gays/lesbian and queer groups in serbia.
>We'll try to talk about it at the next sans-titre meeting but would like
>to get contacts and ask people what they think could be usefull and how we
>could find ways to help or work together.
>I've personally lost my email
>contacts of the people involved with these groups, so if somoeone who has
>them can help, that would be great.
>bisous / nicolu
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