[Pga_europe_process] pga winter meeting: travells, preparation, logistic and visas

Leonid Savin evrazia at ukr.net
Wed Feb 12 19:22:58 CET 2003

Dear organisers of PGA meeting!
Please, find enclosed information about our needs:
We're need official invitation form for embassy
Usually you're need such information:
Name: Leonid Savin
Date of birth: 22 November 1974
Place of birth: Sumy, Ukraine
Citizenship: ukrainian
address: Naberezhnaya reki Strelki 38-8 40030 Sumy, Ukraine
phone: + 0542 22 47 30
fax: + 0542 21 13 57
Passport: type P, AC848467
valid till 13 Sep 2007
Term of visit: 5 days

Usually embassy give visa in 10 days term, so we have not so much time
Another important thing is that embassy ask about tickets and medical injurance. It will cost about 250 Euro. Please, keep me informed about process. We're really can not find so big sum of money.
 Post address: p.o. box 131, 40030 Sumy, Ukraine
All the best
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From: ni co lu <nicolu at no-log.org>
To: pga_europe_process at squat.net
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 03:46:15 +0100
Subject: [Pga_europe_process] pga winter meeting: travells, preparation, logistic and visas

> hi dear pga friends. As you already know, we're happy to welcome you at
> l'Espace autogИrИ des tanneries in dijon france for the pga winter meeting
> on the saturday 8th and sunday 9th of march.
> here are a few technical important things about the meeting:
> 1) how to come
> 2) money, food, sleepin', help
> 3) tell us if you come...
> 4) preparation of the meeting
> 5) visas
> 1) how to come ? Dijon is in the east of france between paris and lyon.
> Les tanneries are 17 bvd de chicago 21 000 dijon. 
> phone number:0033 (0)3 80 66
> 64 81 
> By train or international bus: you go out of the station, go right
> ahead, find the place darcy, take the bus 2, direction "cimetierre", go out
> at the bus stop "coty" ou "champeau" and you'll see the big house-factory
> with colors and written "espace autogИrИ des tanneries" 
> by hitchiking or car: if you're on the motorway, you go out at "dijon centre ville" and you're
> directly on the bvd de chicago
> if you come from paris motorway or by another road, follow the direction
> "auxonne, dole", find the place wilson, the rue d'auxonne, go at the end of
> the rue d'auxonne and you'll find the bvd de chicago on your right and the
> tanneries on the right side after one street light.
> 2) about food, it will be on donations and we'll try to do a bit like during
> sans-titre meetings or some no border preparation meetings: skip as much as
> possible, buy what we need left, have people from the meeting who relay to
> cook and wash the dishes. As we know that two days is a really short time
> and that we have much to discuss, we'll try to cook as much as possible the
> day before the meeting with people already here, so that we don't spend to
> much time on it on saturday and sunday. the participation will be based on
> free donations. You can also bring some nice food with you to be put in the
> collective cooking, breakfast, whatever... the food will be vegan. 
> bring a sleeping bag with you. 
> about money problems to come at the meeting:
> if coming at the meetin is too expensive for you tell it on the list...
> they're already people from germany or switzerland who said they could help
> to find money for some people. as an idea, olivier from switzerland said
> that diffrent group could hel someone to come in a kind of twinning system
> to help the cost. anyway, solutions could be possible, so let's try without
> shy !
> 3) preparation of the meeting and content.
> -the week before the meeting, we'll do some work in the cyber cafe space
> wich will also be one of the meeting spaces, we'll also prepare the sleepin',
> skip or buy some food... so if you have time and want to help, you're greatly
> welcome. It's also possible to stay after sunday and take a bit more time
> for cleaning and informal meetings, discussion, visit of dijon, spring
> gardening and party.
> -I would propose to have a time on friday evening, with everybody already
> here,to prepare the agenda and how we formally organize the meeting (times
> of meetings and food, facilitation, translation...) To do it as accurately
> as possible, ideas and contributions on the list would be great (there's
> only on month left and not much contributions about the agenda...) Keep also
> thinking that one or more collective to take the convenorship are needed.
> Some of us in les tanneries have a sans-titre meeting at the end of the week
> and we'll try to do some collective contributions on the agenda after this.
> (we've alerady sent a short analysis about leiden and process debates, a few
> weeks ago on the list, you can write to us if you don't have it and want it)
> 4) it's really important to tell us in advance if you come, so that we can
> precisely organize a confortable time and sleeping for everyone.
> we alerady know that some people from holland, ireland, germany, yougoslavia
> and france plan to come...
> we know ask you to confirm.
> 4) about visas: If you need a visa or may need a visa to come a few days in
> france, ask your nearest french consulate or embassy as quick as possible
> about what you exactly need and tell us. For international meetings like
> that, it seems usually quite simple to get short times visas: we'll have to
> know your adress, birthdate, names... and we'll send you an official
> invitation from our association and civil responsability assurance papers if
> needed. If you're more than one people from the same country or town, it may
> be possible to do one paper for all of you. But remember that we need to use
> the post and that everything may take time so let's start now ! 
> ps: are the people from yougoslavia who said they wanted to come already on
> the process list ???
> Kisses and hugs/ nico for the tanneries habitant-es collectif.
> -- 
> ni co lu ( nicolu @ no-log . org )
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