[Pga_europe_process] on food report

Damn tusht at ptt.yu
Sat May 15 04:59:19 CEST 2004

Hi people,

I want to inform you that we had big discussion about food budget for the

First, I think that amount of 11764.2€ for seven days is very expensive and
it will be very hard to find all that money and second thing I disagree with
the fact that you must pay for your meal 2 euros (meals will not be free).

I think that it is much better and cheaper to prepare food by ourselfes,
especialy because there is a lot of food not bombs collectives involved in

Also, I think it is not nessesery to have organized food if it is so
expensive. Maybe it is better to everyone decide what they want to eat and
where (in restaurant, super market, food market, etc.).

Anyway, I didn`t blocked the decision, but I wanted to share my view with
you all.

Greetingz and hope to see you soon,

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