[Pga_europe_process] on food report

Aleksei itasitihki at tao.ca
Sat May 15 13:41:31 CEST 2004

Seems like I replied to wrong list at first...

>the point is that we can only judge the food offer by caculating the
>(avarage) price a day per person. i understand this is about 5 euro's for
>three meals and this is 1/3 cheaper the Rampenplan kichen, which we already
>agreed on in the internatiuonal prepatory meeting as an alternative choice.
>in other words the belgrade food offer makes economic sense ;-) as well as
>political sense as explained in earlier emails.

Not necessarily my business, but at least for x-Soviet people 5 euros/day
will not be affordable. Better not to repeat Prague where Rampenplan
made food which people from East could not afford.

As for long ago promised Russian translation of the call, computer on which
it was got
destroyed, and file seems not to be recoverable. If previous translator is
demoralised from starting it from the beginning, I'll try to find a new one.

Antti R.

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