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Damn tusht at ptt.yu
Sun May 16 20:07:44 CEST 2004

hi aleksei, hi to you all,

it is obviously that i was misunderstood by some people from the western
europe but i`m glad that someone else could understand my problem.

no one of my resnik and rakovica friends (there are about 30 of us) could
afford 5 euros per day for the food, so no one has right to excpect from us
to pay it.

and then, i with all my friends will be sitting in front od super market and
eating bread and butter while other delegates will be sitting in pga kitchen
and eating real lunch. equality?

neither benefaction is not solution because i dont want no ones benefaction,
i want equal position!

my dillema is: what is my motivation to do on pga conference if i will be
first excluded from it???

o.k, maybe my scenario is to pesimistic and there will be many solidarity
kichrens and free food for all, but this is serious problem that we must
think and discuss many times more. expecialy because lot of people feel
excluded and discriminated by price of food. and this is firs non-western
european pga conference and some probles occurs for the firs time.

p.s. check out www.razam.bu.ru and if you know this guys call them to the

p.s.s. for the list administrator: when you replying to someones message it
goes only to this person, not to pga process list. is it possible to change


gdv rula
jer ostalo je nula

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>Seems like I replied to wrong list at first...
>>the point is that we can only judge the food offer by caculating the
>>(avarage) price a day per person. i understand this is about 5 euro's for
>>three meals and this is 1/3 cheaper the Rampenplan kichen, which we
>>agreed on in the internatiuonal prepatory meeting as an alternative
>>in other words the belgrade food offer makes economic sense ;-) as well as
>>political sense as explained in earlier emails.
>Not necessarily my business, but at least for x-Soviet people 5 euros/day
>will not be affordable. Better not to repeat Prague where Rampenplan
>made food which people from East could not afford.
>As for long ago promised Russian translation of the call, computer on which
>it was got
>destroyed, and file seems not to be recoverable. If previous translator is
>demoralised from starting it from the beginning, I'll try to find a new
>Antti R.
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