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We tried to contact you several weeks ago, and have oblz just had this
address forwarded by Oliver.

"These two days people will work from their personal experience, their
lives. Gender is inside the skin. Before you are an indigenous, a migrant,
 a Hindu.you are a woman or a man. From the first moment of the birth,
 a person is teach to move, to act, to dream in a concrete way depending
on the values his/her society has chosen for her/him depending on the
Delegates will analyses from their personal lives, the oppression and
power structures in the patriarchal system.  Expertise trainers with
experience in working with rural realities will facilitate these two
Masculinity will be introduced in only men workshops. It will be raised
the discussion on what is and why is necessary gender perspective in
the organizations, and how to implement it."

This is raising a number of concerns:

The statements appears as if it is part of a PGA statement. In fact it
presents a very controversial view of gender. What is being done to ensure
that people understand that this is not a PGA view?

Why is this gender debate being run by "experts"? Who are they? Who considers
them experts? Do they endorse the view on gender expressed above? How
will other views be dealt with and/or encouraged? Why is this part of
the conference being run by "experts"? Why are women being banned from
some meetings? Was this a decision promoted by the experts?

We are concerned that the PGA process maybe seriously compromised if
these issues are not dealt with.

We have already experienced problems in Europe concerning people trying
to circulate texts on gender and passing them off as PGA texts. There
is an ongoing controversy about banning women from meetings.

We have also come across "experts" working with the London Social Forum
who are promoting behaviourist and psycho-Darwinists viewpoints. This
comes as no suprise to us. However while such manipulations in the WSF
network might be expected, we see these as running counter to the PGA

Looking forward to hearing from you.

West Essex Zappatista

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