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>why are you writing as "we"? Who is "we" in this case?

We røefers to the West Esex Zapatista, which is whz we signed with that

>There is no such thing as a "PGA statement". The text below appears
>as part of a network, it is part of the programme for the PGA Asia >and
Gender conference.

This part of the programme makes statements about gender which are programmatic.
Whilst there is a theory that there is no such thing as a "PGA Statement",
 perhaps this is in fact a PGA Statement as it provides a basis for the
organisation of the conference. If it is not a PGA statement, who is
taking responsibility for it.

>I do not think that people living in Europe should judge the wording
>of texts in Asia or other regions as non- "PGA view".
>This is a decentralised network.

We think you are describing a Federation where people remain silent about
what happens in other regions. In a decentralised network we like to
understand what our comrades are doing across the world. Of course we
want to learn from what people are doing across the world and see how
we can develop a better relationship.

>Considering the fact that people in Bangladesh are very busy in
>organising the conference, I think a few days before the conference
>starts we should do everything to support their search for finances
>and wish them great debates on gender and other themes at the >conference.

Unfortunately our efforts to contact them several weeks ago came to nothing.

West Essex Zapatista
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