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infoladen_hanau at gmx.net infoladen_hanau at gmx.net
Thu May 20 21:06:48 CEST 2004

hi to you all,

from our group noone will attend the meeting in london, but one person
from berlin is coming for the german infopoint-structure.

somebody from london asked the infopoints that can't join the meeting,
what they are doing for the conference. we want to send a short update
about what we have done so far:

 - as a contribution of our group ´friday´ will bring some posters for
the conference to the meeting in london. we wanted to have the posters
for buko, a conference that is taking place in kassel this weekend. we
were in a hurry for that, so we didn't ask via the list if it is okay,
how we did it, but we hope you like it and it can be taken for the
mobilisation. if it is possible we could also mail someone a smaller
version to put it on the web-side, so everybody can have a look at it.

- when is the metting in june in belgrad taking place? someone from
our group thinks about joining this meeting, so we need the date as
early as possible to get a cheap flight.

- about mobilisation and contacts:

in the region arround frankfurt we are doing a couple of events to
inform about the conference. a short part more general about pga and
about the conference is combined with different themes.

in three different places we were showing a movie which is directed by
zelimir zilnik from novi sad: "Kennedi comes back home", which is
about roma who are deported from germany to beograd. if there will be
some kind of workshop about the situation of roma at the conference
the film might be interesting...

yesterday we had invited three people from "abolishing the borders
from below" - an eastern european anarchist magazine. they are very
interested in the conference and want to hold a meeting with all their
correspondents from the different eastern european countries there.
they also told us that there are many people in poland really
interested in the conference, also some workers who had attended the
esf in paris and who are looking for contacts. people from abb also
offered to send the poster arround together with their magazine -
which is really great, because it is widely sprad in eastern europe.

next week we are doing one event with a person from kanak attak on the
one hand - who are doing an investigation about the new border regime
and who will be arround beograd in the days of the conference, doing
stuff arround a refugee-camp of unhcr. the second part will be about
the border-tour, which will also stop in beograd.

and the last thing will be with people from yomango, a group from
barcelona, who also said they are interested in joining the

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