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>Nice to know you are busy reading documents coming from Asia.
>Why are we here no longer surprised of such replys from Europeans?

Please can a European please respond to this instead of deafening us
with your silence on these issues.

>The document you are speaking about is part of a "funding >application",
 that we are using also in a urgent need to inform >people on the agenda.

>But it is very great we got the decentralization and the autonomy of
>the regions, so the regions don´t have to eat all time the view and
>imposition of political culture, reality and ideological arrogance of
>Europe anymore.

We do not appreciate this lack of solidarity which simply thrusts a begging
bowl in our face and then spits in our face because we do not have money.

This so-called "decentralisation" now appears as a mystification. Europe,
 according to this is not a "region" but a central resource of money.

Here in Europe we have the most intense imposition European political
culture, reality and ideological arrogance 24/7.

This so-called regional decantralisation is  Building Borders from Below,
 promoting a pseudo-continentalism which reproduces current geo-political
power relations. The very notion of "Europe" is a contentious political
issue as regards the diference between an expanded European Union and
the Former Soviet Union. (Russia is a major part of Asia as well as part
of Europe.) Even the map of Europe on the PGA in Europe webpage has a
significant part of Eastern Europe missing, yet includes the European
settler state of Israel which is perhaps in Europe, Africa and Asia?

Please also note that anyone familiar with Pan-African politics will
know that there are highly differing views between the Continentalists
and Diasporians. To adopt a regional structure is to immediately prejudice
this debate in favour of Continentalism. The issue also effects people
of the Asian Disaporas.

So the idea that no-one speaks for the PGA, hides the fact that the regional
structure expresses a political programme which remains unstated. This
is comparable to institutional racism which uses apparently neutral structures
to instrumentalise hidden discrimination.

How come with all those collective years of politicl experience, we just
hear the same silence all the time?

We wish everyone at the Dhaka conference well and await with interest
further news from there.

West Essex Zapatista

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