[Pga_europe_process] PGA web

hektisch hektisch at hacari.net
Wed Jun 2 19:18:17 CEST 2004

Stefan Erdoglija wrote:
> Peoples Global Action is run by a bureaucratic clique riven by racism,
> sexism and pro-western imperialism.

...it has to be a hard work to run the pga from racist, sexist & 
bureaucratic position. ;)

anyway, i'm from italy and i subscribed to this list some time ago... 
and i wanted to ask if i can help with some translations in my language 
(i'm not the best one in this, but i can ask for help and do the best 
work i can).

i really don't know very well what pga is and how it works, but i'm 
(slowly) learning it, by reading your mails and the on line docs.

i understood that now, in london, you're deciding the belgrade 
conference - let me know if there's something to do to help or - i don't 
know: you tell me.

...hello to everyone - and excuse me for my not so good english. happy 
to be here & happier if i can give myself for this project.


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