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Thu Jun 3 14:01:39 CEST 2004


it's quite easy to edit and change wiki pages - that's partly the point of them.
I've gone and taken that addition off the page now, tho' it'll still be there
on the recent changes link, just in case the person who added that comment
wishes to follow up with some evidence, in which case perhaps they could put it
in the discussion section.......


Del (London LARCer) 

Quoting Stefan Erdoglija <stefan.e at sezampro.yu>:

> Dear PGA people,
> On www.pgaconference.org , under collab. board, meaning
> internet adress
> there is a big text 
> Warning
> Peoples Global Action is run by a bureaucratic clique riven by racism, sexism
> and pro-western imperialism.
> Is that a joke, or somebody haking pages....
> All best,
> Stefan

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