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I wouldn't pay much attention to this. DSM! info team have already issued one warning  concerning people who do not like what we are doing here in Belgrade, with pga conference, people from different milieus, from old school anarchos and trots, who seem to think of pga as of some 'postmodern trick' invented to delude the working class....  They are all over the web. Same goes for blood and honor skinhead nazi groups.... 

But again I think that we should not meditate too much on this: we should go on and do our thing instead. And that is to prepare a good conference. At the same time, as with any other criticism, it would be useful to read seriously part of this this funny "warning":  we should use the space of a conference to debate, in a very serious fashion, in series of serious political and strategic debates, aforementioned problems of sexism, racism, class and so many others....I am worried that sometimes we get lost in logistics and process  to an extent that we tend to forget about the importance of content, i.e. of having serious political debates and confrontations of ideas......And it is always important to have both.  So I would like to stress the importance of writing a good description of thematic areas for the conference; to offer a good content and quality of political discussion.... 

It may easily be that pga process is in crisis, as  many people seem to think. But my opinion is ( as always) a bit more optimistic: I think that we have, with this euro conference, a chance to offer a space for building of a new movement perspective, new radical strategic and theoretical insights, a reshaped space for an intense debate for the anticapitalist part of the movement to use. If pga process is in crisis, let us get it out of the crisis, and use this conference as a fora/process (action and speculation), and not just as a venue/event (action without much speculation) ....

My sincere congrats and thanks to folks from LARC for organizing a good meeting and for being so hospitable! 


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  Dear PGA people,
  On www.pgaconference.org , under collab. board, meaning
  internet adress http://www.ourmayday.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Peoples_Global_Action_Conference_In_Belgrade,
  there is a big text 
  Peoples Global Action is run by a bureaucratic clique riven by racism, sexism and pro-western imperialism.

  Is that a joke, or somebody haking pages....
  All best,


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