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Andrej Grubacic zapata at sezampro.yu
Mon Jun 7 13:16:47 CEST 2004

I hear you, as they say, and I appreciate your argument. I agree that
organizational process is very important. But I still think that we have to
make sure that conference becomes a space for this sort of debate and
discussion we both wish to see in Belgrade. And as things stand now, we
still have a long fight ahead of us to make sure the conference at all is
going to happen, and we should think about the way how to address issues you
raise - and so many others- inside of the conference. I also agree that all
criticism should be taken seriously.

As for the questions, I can offer some of my thoughts, from personal
perspective, not knowing how relevant these answers may be.

Bureaucracy:  is what I don't see. We are just trying to organize a
conference- DSM as a local convenor, and international people interested in
process. If we are not doing a good job- well, as u said, every criticism is
helpful. But I can tell u that DSM! is on the verge of a serious burnout,
trying to organize PGA conference here, and I can assure you that people
here are working their asses out trying to make it happen. Mistakes? Sure,
there are plenty..... But it is our first conference, we are a young
network, we try to learn while we walk...

> why have eastern europeans been excluded from the organization process?

I don't know anything about this. Perhaps somebody could offer some more
detailed and accurate opinion, but as far as I know, EE people who don't
participate are either not interested in pga (from political or
movement-strategic reasons; i.e. a friend of mine told me recently that he
doesn't see usefulness of pga anymore) or they don't have information (which
is a problem of info point structure, and one of the many we would have to

> why was the call printed only in languages to the west of belgrade?

It was sent all around, the call, to all groups possible, and all the
received translations were printed.

>why is russian seen as imperialist but not german or english?

I don't know nothing about this. In London there was a remark that Russian
is as 'imperialist' as English. And, to the best of my knowledge call was
translated into Russian.

why have
> complaints of groups eg. a black womens group, from the leiden
> conference not been carried forward into the process for this
> conference?

Don't know about this.
I am confident that people around DSM! were not informed about these

Hope this was of some help,


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