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Fri Jun 4 17:49:08 CEST 2004

> I wouldn't pay much attention to this. DSM! info team have already
> issued one warning  concerning people who do not like what we are
> doing here in Belgrade, with pga conference, people from different
> milieus, from old school anarchos and trots, who seem to think of pga
> as of some 'postmodern trick' invented to delude the working
> class....  They are all over the web. Same goes for blood and honor
> skinhead nazi groups...

yes i agree that ignorance can be bliss, but its time to wake up and
start dealing with these issues 'seriously'.

all criticism needs to be taken seriously. wot arguments are u putting
forward against the accusations of pga as 'postmodern trickery' ? if
your only response is equating 'anarchos' and 'trots' with 'skinhead
nazi groups', i think that some pretty serious questions are raised as
to your own 'politics'

> "warning": we should use the space of a conference to debate, in a
> very serious fashion, in series of serious political and strategic
> debates, aforementioned problems of sexism, racism, class and so many
> others....I am worried that sometimes we get lost in logistics and
> process  to an extent that we tend to forget about the importance of
> content, i.e. of having serious political debates and confrontations
> of ideas......And it is always important to have both. So I would like
> to stress the importance of writing a good description of thematic
> areas for the conference; to offer a good content and quality of
> political discussion.... 

the 'space of the conference' also includes the organisation process.
why have eastern europeans been excluded from the organisation process?
why was the call printed only in languages to the west of belgrade? why
is russian seen as imperialist but not german or english? why have
complaints of groups eg. a black womens group, from the leiden
conference not been carried forward into the process for this

the crisis u face is that u are not engaging in a movement, only in
bureaucracy. if u fail to address these issues RIGHT NOW then u fail for
all time

as things stand we'd like to propose that the warning:
"Warning : Peoples Global Action is run by a bureaucratic clique riven
by racism, sexism and pro-western imperialism."
go on all printed material related to the PGA Conference in Belgrade

we don't see why this would be blocked without 'serious' debate. which
is what we expect when we confront power, be it male, white opr ruling
class supremacism. 

West Essex Zapatista

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