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Tue Jun 8 10:46:45 CEST 2004

okej, idemo tacku po tacku... (bolje je da se bavimo problemima
na vreme pre nego sto postanu veci)
ok, let's go point by point... (i guess it's better to deal with any
problem that comes about than to let it become bigger)

larc wrote:

>why have eastern europeans been excluded from the organisation process?

niko nije iskljucen, kao sto niko nije ni ukljucen (ljudi su sami 
uzimali ucesce u procesu...)
poziv je bio distribuiran imejlovima, a gde je bilo moguce i u stampanoj 
formi. takodje
pozivani su ljudi da ucestvuju u pripremnim sastancima, i nekoliko ljudi 
iz bosne, hrvatske
i slovenije je doslo u beograd.
nobody is excluded as much as nobody is included (everybody took part in 
the process by them
selves...) the call for the conference was sent by email, and where 
possible in printed form.
also calls for participation in prep meetings where sent and we had few 
people from bosnia,
croatia, slovenia coming to belgrade.

> why is russian seen as imperialist but not german or english?
od strane koga?
by whom?

> why have complaints of groups eg. a black womens group, from the leiden
>conference not been carried forward into the process for this conference?
nikad nisam cou za taj problem. zasto nam ga nisi saopstio kada smo bili 
u londonu?
never heard about this problem before. why haven't you told us all of 
this when we where
in london?

>the crisis u face is that u are not engaging in a movement, only in
>bureaucracy. if u fail to address these issues RIGHT NOW then u fail for
>all time. as things stand we'd like to propose that the warning:
>"Warning : Peoples Global Action is run by a bureaucratic clique riven
>by racism, sexism and pro-western imperialism."
>go on all printed material related to the PGA Conference in Belgrade
mislim da si ti taj koji je propustio da potegne ovo pitanje za vreme 
sastanka (nadam se ne
i zauvek), kada smo imali sansu da pricamo o tome... ovde imamo slucaj> 
kriv dok se ne
dokaze suprotno. ne svidja mi se to tvoje imperijalisticko ponosanje, i 
ne razumem za
sta smo "optuzeni" (da li sam i ja deo te klike). da li sam i ja 
rasista. da li i ja vodim pga?
(ako vodim i nije tako seksi osecaj, moram da priznam)
i think you where the one who failed to address this issues during the 
meeting (hope not for
all time) when we had the chance to talk about it... we have a case 
here> guilty until proven
innocent. i don't like this imperialistic behavior of yours, and i don't 
understand the things we
(am i also a part of the "clique"?) are "accused" of. am i a racist? do 
i run pga also? (if i do, it's
not so sexy feeling, i must say).

>we don't see why this would be blocked without 'serious' debate. which
>is what we expect when we confront power, be it male, white opr ruling
>class supremacism. 
mislim da bi trebalo da idemo obrnuto, a ako ne budemo, osecacu se lose. 
voleo bih prvo da znam
zasto su ljudi iz beograda optuzeni za ovo, i da li smo zaista sexisti, 
rasisti,... pa cemo tek onda
imati o cemu da pricamo. i dalje mi nije jasni zasto je ovo moralo da 
ceka listu, zasto nisi potegao
ovo pitanje kada smo jos mogli da pricamo o tome (ne mislim da si 
stidljiva osoba)
i thing it should go other way around, and if it doesn't i would be very 
offended. i would first
like to know why are people from belgrade accused of this, and if we 
really are sexist, racist... than
we have what to talk about. still i don't understand why this had to 
wait for the list, why didn't
you address this issue when we could talk about it (i don't find you a 
shy person).

stvarno bih voleo ovo da razumem jer se slazem sa tobom da ovo nije mali 
problem, i
svakako ga necemo resiti ultimatumima.
i would really like to understand this because i agree with you that 
this is not a small problem, and
it certainly doesnt help to deal with it with ultimatums.


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