[Pga_europe_process] autonomous space in the esf -- berlin, june 18th

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Wed Jun 9 01:26:58 CEST 2004


dear sisters and brothers

we are different groups, collectives and individuals from across europe,
calling for a meeting to discuss the organization of an alternative space
during the next european social forum, to take place in london, in

a social forum should be an open space for all, for groups and
organizations who struggle towards a different world. more often than not,
however, they become a reproduction of what we fight against, a space for
the same exclusive, undemocratic, vertical practices we criticise. the
organization of the next esf in london seems to be an even worse example
of that, having been dominated from the start by a few groups without any
respect to process, diversity or consensus.

this is why we are calling for this meeting, to take place in berlin, on
june 18th, before the next european preparatory assembly for the esf

we want to discuss the organization of an alternative space in london
during the next esf. a place where different worlds fit in. a space for
living out concrete alternatives and producing another world by bringing
together diverse practices and people; a place for building networks,
sharing experiences and skills. put together by our collective effort,
through a horizontal, self-managed, self-organized, anti-racist,
anti-sexist, anti-authoritarian process.

the idea of the wsf clearly took its lead from the fact that, in the late
90s, a new generation of activists put politics back in the news. the
influence of this new political generation – defined not by its age, but
by the fact that it brought new practices and new political actors and
actresses to the fore – is transparent in its charter of principles. but
in actual fact, these principles are usually distorted by old,
authoritarian practices. The forum is part of our history, our history is
part of the forum; we want to reclaim the esf and prove that spaces
like this can be organized in a different way; another world is possible,
but only if we are ready to be the change we want to see.

a call out from the uk will follow soon.


 Köpenicker Straße 55
 10179 Berlin
 (Destrict Mitte, 50 Meters from Kreuzberg and the famous Köpi-Squat)

 Next Subway Station:

 If you arrive with public transport, you can check out the way to go on
 this webpage:


 Destination: U Heinrich-Heine-Str.


 Date & Time:
 Friday, 18.06.2004, 19.30h

 Saturday, 19.06.2004, 11.00h (on Saturday many people are going to take
 part in the "official" ESF-Meeting, but we reserved a room to have the
 possibility to continue in working groups or such if desired)

 Sunday, 20.06.2004, 11.00h

For help with accommodation, email: info at antifaschistische-aktion.com

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