[Pga_europe_process] Re: some questions and informations + invitation

Andrej Grubacic zapata at sezampro.yu
Thu Jun 10 19:39:17 CEST 2004

This is an excellent opportunity to ask what we have agreed on during the
last meeting:  because the June meeting is not going to be held, we ask
every network and collective to try to send at least one person to Belgrade
few weeks before the conference. We ask this because of the help that we
need in the areas of:

- Camp, and organization of the infrastracture of the camp site

- Contacts with local population

- Technical preparations ( internet cafe, radio, newspapers and so on).

We would also like to ask all the collectives and groups to send/bring as
many computers as possible in order to help the school we are going to have
for free, and to think about the other actions on how to help this suburban
school - which is in a pretty bed shape- and people who were so kind to give
us their premises for free.

Please distribute this invitation as widely as possible, and send answers
and proposals to this list and to DSM info point address:
drugacijisvet at yahoo.com


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