[Pga_europe_process] security questions to the convenors

ikkyu at altern.org ikkyu at altern.org
Fri Jun 11 20:59:25 CEST 2004

Hi there,

Some people from the children group have some concerns about security. Some may seem funny to you as we know nothing about the local situation.

They ask the convenors for an assessment of some precise risks, specially concerning children.

1. What are the threats on the camps coming from :
  - the serbian state and the police,
  - fascist groups and nationalists,
  - mafia
  - local population...

2. What are the threats at the border, with the convoy (maybe 10 vans and 50 people or more) ? We will carry some collected food for the conference, some crazy stuffs for children workshops (hundred of tennis balls, wine corks, empty camembert boxes, end of toilet paper rolls...), maybe some computers, hundreds liters of used sunflower oil for the vans...

 3. What are the threats in general for the convoy ? During the halts...

For each risk please tell us how serious you think it is and propose some ways to avoid it or to react.



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