[Pga_europe_process] Translations

hektisch hektisch at hacari.net
Sun Jun 13 23:05:04 CEST 2004

excuse me if i'll ask something obvious or unusefull but... i wanted to
know if there's someone, in italy, who's working on translating the pga
docs (the infopoint or the documents present on the wiki site).

if there's no one i'd like to work on it - i'm not a great translator
but i can use a dictonary & ask for some help! ;) i can even post it on
italy.indymedia & in the underground info sites & papers. as i had said
yet, once, i'm not part of any group or collective, i'll be in belgrade
by myself, but i wanted to give an hand and i think this is one of the
ways i can do it.


for the dsm: i had some trouble in finding out eva, from the social
centre "stricke spa" in rome but i'll make out of it; even some contact
about "work/non work" & "migrants", i hope soon.


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