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Subject: Venezuelan "Revolution within the Revolution" tour

dear, andrej...
we are doing a tour of europe called "revolution within the revolution"...
and the objective is to link the bolivarian revolution of venezuela with
the anti-capitalist movements of europe.

we´ll be in belgrade from july 23 - 24. leaving on the 25th in the morning.

we are planning on going to the PGA and i wanted to tell you what our
technical requierements are to see if it is possible.
what we are doing is:
1) Showing the new film: "Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of
the Fourth World War"
2) Having a discussion about the relation between the Bolivarian
Revolution of Venezuela and the anti-capitalists movements of Europe. We
are launching the "Front of Pachamerican Liberation", a front that seeks
to contribute in the articulation of the continental revolution and our
relation with all the peoples of the world.
3) Musical concert by the revolutionary, Venezuelan fusion band (Salsa-
Afro-Venezuelan-Hip-Hop) "Sontizón".
4) Post-concert interactions to work together and planifaction of future
collective actions.

the idea of our tour is to connect with the movements in europe, not just
to inform about the Venezuelan revolutionary process, but to strategically
connect with our european brothers and sisters.

please, let us know if you think we can go ahead with our plan. we would
like to propose a workshop for this. how do we do this. th eother thing is
that we can just be there for the first three days of the convergence.

big hugs
marcelo y piki (calle y media - sontizón)

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