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Maja i Milan decorte at eunet.yu
Tue Jun 15 11:23:14 CEST 2004

from joyce from the london larc garden clicketyclack ;-)

> dear everybody,
> fer yer information ;-)
> snippets of good news and latest update is at the bottom, so you have 
> to read it all;-)(
> after the pga prep meeting in london, the money slaves ( who are 
> mainly milan and katica and to a lesser extent, me= joyceinlondon) 
> went to the park to go thru' the budget and try to identify the short 
> fall - the amount we have yet to find.
> the budget is at present in the roman alphabet and in the dsmistas' 
> mother tongue - it's reasonably easy to decipher, although milan nobly 
> offered to rewrite it in english. ...would everybody like it cut and 
> pasted and circulated?
> as it stands the first draft probably needs some fine tuning, and 
> quite a few things will cost a bit less...however, we're still short 
> of several thousand euros...between 7 and 8 thousand euros...
> ...so, if your collective or you has done some funding applications 
> and/or fundraising for belgrade, please let at least milan know, 
> either straight to him <decorte at eunet.yu> or to the list ( hey, you 
> might inspire or guilt trip everyone else if you send it to the list!!!)
> the most pressing need for all information to be collated is so that 
> we can assess how much a ticket at full cost should cost, so we can 
> then realistically make proper offers of subsidy to those that need 
> it. it would be totally pants if we invite loads of ppl from east of 
> belgrade/north of belgrade/south of belgrade and then can't help them 
> with visas and travel and costs...visas normally take about 2 weeks, 
> but travel prices can increase massively if it's left too late. we 
> already experienced this trying to get somebody from st petersburg to 
> come to the london prep meeting...it feels horrid when you get ppl 
> enthusiastic and then it isn't practical and it doesn't work out... 
> personally don't want to do that again.
> as it stands, if we had say, 400 of the expected 750? paying full 
> price, and the full price was 20euros excluding food, we would cover 
> the budget WITHOUT having any money to support the financially poor.
> if you do raise even a few euros and it is specifically for a travel 
> fund, or anything else, please detail this.
> the social centre @ fortess rd in london did a benefit - which raised 
> about £200 i think (this needs to be converted to euros before it is 
> sent down).
> a few thousand pounds sterling has already been sent to belgrade, and 
> is already in the budget - this needs to be sent back to the uk, 
> converted into euros and resent, as the bank in belgrade wants to take 
> something like 20% commission for converting it there.
> a bit more money will most likely be found in the uk, but so far, 
> money only appears to have been raised in holland and uk...if this is 
> an incomplete picture please let us know...and love and blessings to 
> those groups who are bringing other resources whose price is beyond 
> measure (see end of the email about the children's group)
> joyce from the london larc garden clicketyclack ;-)
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